Is Marvel considering making Iron Man 4 after all?


Shortly after the release of Iron Man 3 word hit that Robert Downey Jr’s contract was only set for 2 more films, those being Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Avengers 3. Quickly after that become common knowledge, rumors began to circulate that Marvel was prepared to recast Robert Downey Jr as the iconic character so they could continue making films, even after he was done comparing it to the James Bond franchise who uses a similar tactic to keep telling stories without using the same actor.

With Avengers: Age Of Ultron set for a 2015 release, and Avengers 3 set to hit sometime around 2017/2018, many were left speculating that we wouldn’t see another Iron Man solo-film to occur a great deal afterwards, but now rumors are suggesting otherwise.

A writer for Cinema Blend was recently at a local movie theater seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier when supposedly a Marvel Studios representatives asked the audience to participate in a questionnaire about what fans would want to see in future Marvel films.


While several photos were snapped of the survey itself, the bottom of this photo seemingly suggests that Marvel is not only considering making an Iron Man 4, but they are asking people if it is something that they want to do. The interesting point that most people are seeing is that out of the movies listed there, all of which are currently announced, with release dates, with the exception of Iron Man 4.

While its no secret that Iron Man films have been successful. The first Iron Man helped start Marvel’s grand Cinematic Universe and some would say its success set the stage to later give Disney motivation to buy Marvel, but would the success of Iron Man 3 and recent fan outcry of another film thanks to the Marvel One-Shot “All Hail The King” actually give Marvel/Disney the desire to renew some contracts and make another film?

Or to everyone’s fears, is this the first sign that Marvel was seriously planning to replace Robert Downey Jr? And if so, would this be happening much sooner than anyone wanted?

Only time will tell, but right now I for one would love to see where this goes. Especially after All Hail the King set up a wonderful concept for an even greater film.