Beware The Batman returns to Cartoon Network via Toonami on May 3rd


Beware The Batman was one of those shows that nobody was expecting to work. From the initial concept art, to the often drastic changes to the characters (Alfred is now more like a bodyguard than a butler), Beware The Batman had its work cut out for it.

But it worked. Fans took to the show, and gave it their seal of approval. But then Cartoon Network pulled the show unexpectedly and left many thinking it was just abruptly canceled.

Then last week, Toonami revealed that they will now start airing the show again. Yes, Toonami. Cartoon Networks Saturday Night Adult Swim Line up, now re-dubbed Toonami for that night will begin airing Beware The Batman on May 3rd.

But that’s not all, they promise to release the full season. Including all 15 previously unaired and unseen episodes.

Head of Toonami, Jason DeMarco, took to Twitter to make the reveal:

“#Toonami fans- yes we are showing Beware The Batman, and yes we will be airing ALL of the episodes, including the ones that did not air!”

The Shows new time slot will be 3am EST / 12am PST on Saturday Nights.