[Weekly Album Review] Nathan Reich “Motion Sadness”

a1181822635_2Nathan Reich is a folk artist that originates from the Bay Area that is currently operating out of Nashville. Motion Sadness is his fourth album release. The album consists of 6 tracks that are all unique in their own right.

Now that we have the technical details out of the way, lets get to the good stuff. To really appreciate the work that was put into this album you need to understand the technical aspect of it. This album was recorded the old fashion way, with him sitting in a recording room with his guitar and his voice. From a technicality stand point, it is not perfect. I think that is what makes it so interesting. It makes it feel human and alive, an album where every track has a personality.

This is an album that gives you a specific mindset and that tends to be one of heartache and long whiskey filled nights where it just happens to be raining as well. His lyrics and song structure make you feel genuinely sad in the best way possible. There are not many albums that let you sit through them and keep you in an emotional state. What Nathan Reich has done here deserves some great recognition. He was able to give you an opportunity to feel sad, hopeful, and alive.

At the end of the day try and remember that when an artist can make you feel something, that is an artist I can get behind.

His work is available now on Bandcamp. Give it a listen and enjoy.

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