[Rewind Review] Metric – Synthetica


Once again people of the Internet, I have come baring a lost gem of yester-year. I bring you another weekly installment of The Rewind Review. This week I am going to convince you while you should check out Toronto based band Metric’s 2012 album Synthetica.

Front women Emily Haynes formed metric back in 1998 with Guitarist James Shaw. Since then the band has been a staple of the indie scene for the last few years and they continue to impress with each of their releases but Synthetica is what sets them apart from the crowd.

There are 11 tracks on this album and all of them make the album worth buying. Each track showing a great mix of Haynes hypnotizing vocals and haunting synthesizer work, that come together for epic sweeping ballad tracks like Breathing underwater, Dreams so Real, and Nothing But Time. But there are also tracks with strong riffs and drumbeats reminiscent of 70s punk bands like the Runways. Lost Kitten is perfectly crafted pop songs that will make you smile and will be stuck in your head afterwards. This album is not only a success because of the music and vocals. Haines does her poet father proud with the imagery and poetry in the lyrics of this album.

One thing that I love about this album is that it is in fact an album. In the modern world of iTunes Singles and the ability to buy single tracks it is becoming rare for musicians to consider the flow of an album as whole. There is time and thought put into the track order so that each song ebbs and flows into the next. Starting with the rising overture sound of Artificial Nocturne for the first track which then melts seemly into the next track Youth with out Youth. This shift between tracks makes this album wash over and provides an amazing experience for the listener.

This album will cost you around 10 dollars if you pick it up on iTunes or Amazon which and it is worth the investment. If you are a fan of snyth pop or are looking for a new album to play while you are in your Car I strongly recommend this album