Phil Lord and Chirs Miller rumored to be in talks to direct Ghostbusters 3


Yesterday it was announced that Ivan Rietman would be stepping down from directing Ghostbusters 3 and that he would be working with Sony to find someone to carry on the project in his stead, but the search my have ended sooner then anyone expected. According to Nikki Finke formally of deadline the brains behind 21-jump street and the smash LEGO movie are in talks to take over where Rietman left off. Finke tweeted earlier today that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are in talks with Sony to direct the third film in the franchise.

Coming fresh of the recent news of Rietman leaving could this be a sign that there may still be some hope for the quality of this film? With a film that has been plagued with so many false starts and stops it might be too soon to start strapping on our proton packs quite yet.

As of right now there has been nothing confirmed from Sony, Lord, or Miller about anyone’s role in the film. As well as the fact that if the talks are happening it does not guarantee that they will be involved in the film. I personally wait tell I hear more before I start celebrating. I already have my own worries about what this is going to be when it the screens and I am not sure that even Lord and Miller are at the helm it will still capture the same spirit of the earlier films.