Fox scrapping director and cast for Fantastic Four? Maybe not….


A recent rumor has begun to make waves that Fox was unhappy with the work and casting that Josh Trank and writer Simon Kinberg were doing on the “Fantastic Four” reboot that they had decided to clean slate the project and replace everyone, cast included.

When Screen Crush first reported on the news, they were as concerned as everyone else, however, they did later update saying the following:

UPDATE: For what it’s worth, we spoke to some high-level studio sources who flatly denied the below report and stated it’s “not at all” true. Filming is still scheduled to begin on April 21 and Trank himself is on set right now.

Aside from that single update from Screen Crush many are still claiming the verdict is still out on the whole situation, but it is very possible that the rumor itself was caused by several upset fanboy’s just projecting their wants and desires and pretending it is actual news.