First pricing info for PlayStation Now revealed?


PlayStation Now is an idea that may change the way people play their games. Although not a relatively new idea, Sega did try it with Sega TV back in the 90’s, the concept of “Steaming” your games instead of downloading or using a physical disk could be a game changer.

For a good time now, fans have been eagerly waiting for any sort of update of the service. While we know that Sony is planning on rolling it out later this year and they recommend a 5Mb/s connection, we have yet to find out the prices.

But thanks to an image spotted on Gaikai’s site we may have an idea. In the image, a PlayStation Now triangle is set next to each item, with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception costing $4.99 and Far Cry 3 costing $5.99. While its unclear if its one of those, you buy it and its yours deal, or if its a rental type system, the prices alone are intriguing.

What seems to also add another interesting development to it, since the image was first posted, Gaikai has changed the image to the following:



Right now only time will tell how the service is going to play out, but odds are that fans will find out soon enough.