Two Epic Webcomic Updates – Vattu / Gunnerkrigg

In case you missed it, this week both Vattu and Gunnerkrigg Court had incredible pages in the latest updates to these now classic webcomics.

Vattu combines both incredible artwork and story as a very artwork driven webcomic. While it speaks volumes toward the talent and skill in world building of author-illustrator Evan Dahm, it might seem a little bit slow going for those accustomed to more dialog driven comics. Now 4 years and 520+ pages published, it’s far easier to start at the beginning and read to get into. The most recent page saw the main character Vattu successfully weld her hard-trained sword fighting skills in real combat. The contrast seen with wounded guard’s blood is incredibly jarring after pages and pages of all the blues in this part of the city.


Gunnerkrigg Court is definitely more light-hearted and dialog driven than Vattu, but that doesn’t take away from the mind blowing narrative and world that author-illustrator Tom Siddell has built. In the most recent chapter, we saw things from the perspective/eyes of a character that was not seeing the same thing as all the other characters on screen. People speculated for thousands of comments on what the other characters were seeing, and yet the chapter ended without us seeing what was really being seen. Fortunately, Tom was kind enough to provide a bonus page that revealed in shocking detail what the other characters were seeing. Start reading the chapter here and be prepared for the shocking change of perspective at the end. If you love this chapter, definitely read through the whole thing – Tom’s been at this since 2005.

Gunnerkrigg Court