Twitch Streaming Finally Coming to Xbox One

twitchtvlogoAfter a few months of delay, Twitch announced on their official blog that on March 11th (coinciding with the launch of Titanfall), an update will be released that adds the ability to stream directly from your Xbox One.  This can either be done by launching the Twitch app, or by saying “Xbox, broadcast” to immediately launch the stream using the Kinect.

The feature has been a long time coming for the Xbox, as the PS4 has the ability on launch.  During that time, Twitch has added some features to tie the app in with Xbox Live, giving your friends the ability to see what game you are broadcasting, and for other users to be able to bring up your profile and send a party request out to join your game.  The features of the app are still limited in terms of stream settings, overlays, etc, but it was designed to make streaming more accessible to the masses.  All of the difficult setup is removed, allowing anyone to create a Twitch account and start right away.

We only have a couple of weeks to wait before we can see how the second influx of new streamers will affect the website, and Titanfall is set to be one of the first major releases since the launch of the console.

Source: Official Twitch Blog