The Current State of Gaming – Full Price for Half the Game


            When a game is well rounded and has both a great single player campaign as well as an interesting take on multiplayer, it is very hard to beat. So why do we as gamers continue to let game companies get away with charging 60$ dollars for half a game?

Titanfall is one of the most anticipated games on the new consoles so far and yet the developers have said that there is really not going to be a “ Story mode.” I played the beta for Titanfall and it is a blast to play, but 60$ for a game that is pretty much multiplayer only seems a bit ridiculous. I fully understand I am basing my opinions on a beta and they may surprise us and have a fully flushed out story that is a blast to play, but also understand I am not asking for the next Chrono Trigger. I am absolutely okay with paying the full price for a campaign that may be short and exciting, lets call it the Michael Bay effect.

We as gamers are allowing the industry to get away with that 60$ price tag for quite some time. We have no one to blame but ourselves in this scenario though. We continue to purchase the same game over and over again and that game has no real innovation or effort put into it. Games where a knife defeats a player faster than a shotgun or lets a player take huge leap off cliffs with no real punishment or even something as simple as pulling a fast one on us by showing us early video of a fantastic game premise.  We then fall for it, then get our game and that game then turns out to be something so watered down and mediocre. I am looking at you Sim City.

I am crossing my fingers that Titanfall has more to offer than multiplayer, because while that can be fun. I can only get called racial slurs by a nine year old for so long before I decide the game is not worth it anymore.