Marvel Considering Mads Mikkelsen For DOCTOR STRANGE?



A new rumor has hit that actor Mads Mikkelsen is being seriously considered for the role of Dr Stephen Strange in the long awaited Dr Strange film.

According to a post from Bleeding cool:

“According to one pretty solid Marvel-adjacent source, Arcel’s Royal Affair star Mads Mikkelsen apparently is, or has been, somewhere in the mix for the film’s early casting discussions. I’m still trying to find another source on that, or to clarify which part it would be, and whether or not Mikkelsen might have already passed or been passed over.”

While it comes as no surprise that Marvel is once again eyeing Mikkelsen for a role, back in 2012 it was revealed that he was up for the role of  Malekith in Thor: The Dark World, but later had to drop out of the running due to his commitment to the TV show Hannibal.

If Mads is up again in Marvel’s list then it could prove to be his biggest role yet, and compared to the rumors of Johnny Depp I for one love this idea.

Doctor Strange is currently tied to Marvel Phase 3 with no current set release window.