Kevin Feige Talks Marvel’s Netflix Shows


As stated in our previous article in regards to Dr Strange, Recently IGN caught up with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige  and got him talking about the status of their various projects. One of those such projects is a long awaited update on Marvel’s deal with Netflix:

IGN: At what point do you think we’ll see casting for the Marvel Netflix series?

That’s a good question, and Jeph Loeb and the TV group would better answer that. I’m actually sure when that would be.

IGN: Are you guys looking to film this year? Isn’t it supposed to be a 2015 premiere?

It might be. They’re working on them now, but I don’t know the day-to-day.

While it sure sounds like Feige knows very little on the subject, he did give away some very good updates. First being the casting, Feige stated he is “sure when that would be” in terms of its reveal, meaning the casting is likely already done (or close to being done) and theyre waiting for the right time to reveal it. The second being the update that the shows have already entered production, with projects as unique as these, its sure to turn some heads.

Whats most interesting is that he stated that they are already “working on them now,” in terms of these 4 shows. In this industry, where virtually every action Marvel takes is surrounded by rumors, gossip, and potential leaks, its unusual to hear that a massive project such as this has already started its production with almost ZERO news or rumors to follow.

Only time will tell when fans get these updates, but my money is on fans getting their first real look at these shows at Comic-Con.