Marvel’s Animated film Big Hero 6 gets a new director


Big Hero 6 has been in production for a while. The comic itself, the manga-inspired superhero group, was given the green light in animated movie form back in 2011/2012 with the reveal that the film is set in the Marvel universe.

The film is due to come out this November, and while we know they’re still working on it, they apparently added some new blood in this 11th hour of production.Chris Williams, co-director of Bolt, has now been added as a co-director along with Ray Conli (Tangled) coming in as producer.

Now while normally people would freak out in this last second change, its quite normal with animated films and shouldnt hurt the film in the end.

Check out the initial concept footage from the film:

[youtube id=”GSV3laJplpU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Big Hero 6 is set for a Nov 7th 2014th release date.