Josh Holloway for Aquaman in Batman/Superman? Probably not… night a rumor hit the web thanks to the site ComicBookMovie stating that former LOST actor Josh Holloway was up for a role in the upcoming Batman/Superman film. The initial post went on to speculate that the casting was for none other than Aquaman, seeing that the actor fits the bill and that character really doesnt have any other casting buzz to him.

However, this morning El Mayimbe of Latino-Review debunked those rumors on twitter:


While its a shame that there is no real truth to this rumor, I for one would love to see Josh Holloway appear in a superhero film, and I personally feel that if he was cast in the Aquaman role it would seemingly help defuse all of the mocking and teasing that the character has gone though for years.

Batman/Superman is currently set for a Summer 2015 release.