Rumors point to Denzel Washington as Green Lantern? Think again, they’re probably false.



Earlier today a rumor hit the web that WB/DC was looking to have Denzel Washington take on the role of John Stewart/Green Lantern in the upcoming Batman/Superman film (and presumably Justice League as well). The rumor was started by Nuke The Fridge, and spread like a wildfire.

Being that today is Denzel Washington’s 59th Birthday, some called shenanigans right off the bat, claiming that it was none other than just a ruse to draw attention to the actor on his birthday.

Then Batman-News and Latino Review chimed in, both of which saying that there was no truth to it at all whatsoever.

While its true, Denzel is a great actor. He has proven himself time and time again that he has the chops for just about any role, but Green Lantern? Probably not the best fit. While time will tell if Green Lantern is even going to cameo in this film or not, right now its safe to say that it wont be Denzel holding the ring.

Batman/Superman is currently set for a July 17th 2015 release date.