Oscar-winning ‘Argo’ writer Chris Terrio now helping with ‘Batman vs. Superman’ script


The Hollywood Reporter has now revealed that WB/DC has brought Oscar-winning Argo writer Chris Terrio to help clean up the script for the highly anticipated Batman/Superman film.  While its true David Goyer wrote the screenplay, its reported that Terrio’s job is to get the script into shape before filming begins early 2014.

While some are claiming that this indicates some instability to the production of the film, having a late in the game “rewrite” come in only months before filming, its actually being considered by many an extremely smart move on WB’s part by having another (Affleck already being present to help mold the Batman bits) Oscar Winner writer to bring this film to the quality of story telling fans are hoping for.

Batman/Superman is currently slated for a July 17th 2015 release.