Callan Mulvey being considered for Villian role in Batman/Superman?


Today has indeed been a big day for DC Films. With the casting of Wonder Woman, to the possibility of seeing the Flash as well, it looks like the upcoming Batman/Superman film may just turn into a prologue for the Justice League. But with all the news also comes some interesting casting for the films villain.

Earlier today when Variety broke the news about Wonder Woman (and also seemingly confirmed the Flash) they also revealed that actor Callan Mulvey is being considered for a role.

Warners will also look to now cast the villain with “Zero Dark Thirty” and “300: Rise of the Empire” star Callan Mulvey someone Warner Bros. is eyeing to play the role.

While obviously a name drop doesn’t confirm anything about the role, the long speculated inclusion of Lex Luthor still comes to mind with the casting rumor, but at this point only time will tell on the validity of the reveal.

Batman/Superman is currently slated for a July 17, 2015 release.