Wonder Woman and Flash to Cameo in Batman vs Superman?


While its true that a Wonder Woman cameo has been rumored in Batman vs Superman for some time, a new rumor indicates that both She and Flash will be having cameos, or at least their alter egos will.

In a new rumor making waves from the site Comic Book Movie, they indicate that both heroes will be appearing in the upcoming film but not as Flash and Wonder Woman, but at Barry Allen and “Diana.”

However, there is one key development about the Flash cameo:

As you know, CW is developing a Flash television series that is a spinoff from Arrow. I’m told by my source that WB wants Grant Gustin to make the cameo as Barry Allen, BUT it all depends on how the audience reacts to him when he makes his debut on the small screen later this year. If sentiment is positive Gustin’s in, but if it’s negative they will find someone else for the Barry Allen/Flash cameo. 

With the Flash Origin Epsiode appearing in a few weeks on Arrow, it seems like DC/WB is cutting this rumor a little close. But, now we do have our first look at Barry Allen thanks to a production photo that has surfaced:


The biggest and most significant part of this rumor that the seemingly confirmation that if TV’s Flash is also to cameo in Batman vs Superman, not only does that validate the Flash TV show as cannon, but also Arrow and quite possibly those rumors of Nightwing appearing in both the TV show and Film.

Batman Vs Superman is currently set for a Summer 2015 release.