Jaimie Alexander being considered for Wonder Woman? YES, That’s right, Wonder Woman


Recently the internet has been in a buzz thanks to some comments made by actress Jaimie Alexander (Thor, Thor: The Dark World) at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles During the AMC Movie Talk panel. The actress Jaimie Alexander revealed that she’s been having recent conversations with Warner Bros., and that more specifically its been in regards to Batman vs. Superman.

Although the actress has been trying to downplay what she said in a recent interview with Forbes, she seemed to backpedal her progress a bit when the internet caught Miss Alexander  responding to this rumor on Twitter:


The buzz mainly comes from reports that WB/DC are looking for:

“Warner Bros. is looking to cast a love interest for Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman. They’re looking for an actress in their late 20s who is both tall and possesses physicality.”

And more recent speculation is that this “unknown” character is actually Wonder Woman, and thus setting her character up in the DC film universe.  But right now, its all rumors and speculation, and hopefully we get more revealing news on this soon.