Is Adam Driver really the Frontrunner to Play Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman?


Earlier this week it was revealed that not only will Wonder Woman be possibly included in the upcoming film, Batman Vs. Superman, but that Dick Grayson/Nightwing will also have a role. Since then some speculation has hit the web on who could be playing this role, and now The Wrap is reporting that Adam Driver (known for his role on HBO’s Girls) is the frontrunner to take on the role as the former Boy Wonder.

The Wrap cites “two individuals familiar with the project” as their source, but do admit that its not a done deal and there are at least two other actors being eyed for the role.

But is this casting actually true?

Fans have been left in somewhat of an uproar about this actor being thrown into the mix. Not because he’s not a good actor, not because he’s not the right age, or even because of the inclusion of the character, but because of completely superficial reasons. In short, he doesn’t look the part.

Mind you, Batman being played by Ben Affleck had some rage behind it, but most fans even admitted that Affleck HAS the look to pull it off.

So is it possible that Adam Driver is actually in the mix? Sure, but is it likely that he has the role? Not at all.

Lets look at how the casting has been in the past for these movies. When Batman was being rumored, there were literally about one hundred names thrown into the mix, none of which were actually Ben Affleck, who nabbed the role in the end. In fact, while fans were speculating about the role (and possibly prior to the Comic Con announcement) Ben was already in talks for it and solidifying his contract.

With that in mind, its highly unlikely that Driver has the role, and I’m ready to put money down that IF Nightwing is in fact in the film, his casting will be even more unexpected than this, and nobody will see it coming.