Did Batman vs Superman just film another scene?


Recently in Yorkville, Illinois a movie has been secretly filming. The filming has led to a local site to start questioning what it could be for, but now some are drawing the conclusion that its for none other than Batman vs Superman.

 So why the leap? Because Yorkville, Illinois was where Man Of Steel filmed its scenes for the Kent Farm, and judging by the photo provided by that local site, it may very well be the same place.


While its true that Warner Bros. had also recently set up a production office in Michigan, a place where the majority of the film will be filmed at (mainly because its said to be the location that will double for Gotham City) its quite possible that they are filming the non-Batman scenes early to get them out of the way for the major filming that’s said to occur into next year.

Batman vs Superman is set to hit Summer of 2015.