[NYCC 2013] The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game Announced


Today at the New York City Comic Con, developer Beenox has revealed an upcoming Video Game tie in for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Like their last Spider-Man game, The Amazing Spider-Man, this one will also be free-roaming.

Unlike the film (but still set in the films universe), this game will be set in its own continuity, with a story focusing on Spider-man attempting to once again hunt down uncle Ben’s killer.

The Game will also introduce a new system called “Hero or Menace,” a system where you are rewarded with hero points by swiftly stopping crime, but penalized by taking to long.

Check out the trailer below thanks to IGN:

[youtube id=”8Ew2Fmr0WXo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

While the movie is set for May 2nd of next year, no official word has been made on when this game will be released, but many are expecting it to be around that time as well.