Valve Announces Steam OS!

steamOSValve’s first of three announcements is out this week, and it’s the new Steam Operating System.  It’s designed to work in tandem with a Steam device and use of Big Picture to stream your games from your home PC to your television, and it’s completely free!

With the gaming library, Valve also wants to bring streaming music, TV, and movies to the system in the future.  The recently announced family sharing options will be expanded on, with the ability to tailor what games each user of the device can see, most likely in the form of a profile or user log in system.

Valve has a great amount of pull in the gaming world, but making the move into other media such as movies won’t be easy.  It will put them up there competing with Apple and Amazon in terms of content, but if they can pull it off by providing popular titles, it could end up being the deciding factor on whether people will adopt the Steam OS or not.

You can find out more about it in the official announcement here!  The second announcement is due at 10am Pacific time on Wednesday, and you can follow that countdown here!