Todd McFarlane Talks ‘Spawn’ Reboot


Spawn readers, rejoice. It looks like Todd McFarlane is planning a new Spawn movie, and it will most likely be a reboot.

Spawn  hit the silver screen in 1997, a mere five years after his first comic book appearance. The movie received mixed reviews, most of which came out to “Eh. It wasn’t bad.” Now, sixteen years later, Spawn-creator Todd McFarlane still wants to reboot the hellish hero’s movie.

“Fans always ask and the answer is always the same; the movie has been sitting in my head for 10 years. I’ve begun the screenplay, people have been bugging me about this thing forever… The only reason it’s always been slowed up is that I write, produce, direct and so I just need to get the proper amount of time to be able to finish that screenplay and then be able to do the rewrites whether it’s me or somebody else [who does them] and then go in and direct it.

“I’m about a third through the screenplay. The whole movie is built on index cards so I just got to convert it onto the paper but I got like two hundred scenes, you can’t even have that many in a movie… There’s a couple of people that have kind of put a gun to my head and said we want that screenplay no later than December so that we can start shooting next year. So that’s right now [where we’re at] I’ve talked to my people and told them, ‘you gotta find me the time. I gotta get this thing done by December so that we can start shooting by next year. Maybe shoot it up here in Canada.’”

McFarlane will have a lot of work ahead of him if he truly plans to write, direct, and produce the movie. To McFarlane’s possible chagrin, actor Jamie Foxx is ‘actively pursuing‘ the roll of Spawn.

McFarlane also says that he wants to mostly self-finance the movie, and it will be more of a horror movie than a big-budget superhero movie. He hopes to begin shooting in 2014.