Possible TRANSFORMERS 4 Titles hit the web



Recently it was confirmed by the films producer that the upcoming Transformers 4 would be including the highly requested Dinobots (it was only a matter of time since Michael Bay was caught wearing the hat in the above photo), and now 4 website domains have been registered which seem to be adding a little bit of fuel to the fire of speculation.

  • Transformers: Last Stand
  • Transformers: Apocalypse
  • Transformers: Future Cast
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction

While obviously any one of these could be the title of the next film, the last one being flagged by Wikipedia as the official title,  or even something completely unrelated (Videogame, books, comic line, etc.) its interesting that all 4 popped up pretty much all at once, and its only a matter of time until fans find out what the next one will be called.

Transformers 4: (insert whichever title you like at the moment) is set to hit US theaters on June 27, 2014.