Mighty No. 9 May See a Kickstarter Stretch Goal For 3DS And PSVita Versions


Mighty No. 9 is a hit. There is no doubt about it. Called the “Spiritual successor” to the Mega Man series, the team behind it took to Kickstarter for help with making this game, and since its debut it has been smashing through the goals like they were tissue paper.

As I mentioned before in a previous post about this project, I would love to see this game on PS Vita, and it looks like it just may become a reality.

Another message we have gotten loud and clear: A portable version of Mighty No. 9 is something many of you are excited about — and believe us, we would love to see it happen as well. Potential 3DS and/or Vita versions of the game are something we’ve been discussing since the earliest stages of this project, as handhelds are something our developers have plenty of experience with. Unfortunately, that experience tells us that these things cost money — however, the road to making them a possibility is relatively straightforward: If we continue to see more and more fans asking for portable versions of Mighty No. 9, and if we’re able to set and achieve stretch goals that would justify the cost, we would be thrilled to make this happen. In the meantime, we’ll continue watching for more feedback and start working up more detailed budgets just in case, so please continue to let us know how much of a priority this is for you. Thanks!
While they do mentioned it there in a press release as a potential stretch goal, Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham offered to help Comcept with the development of a 3DS version of the game.

mighty no 9

At this point, its needless to say how huge this game is becoming in such a short amount of time. I know I speak for fans everywhere when I say I couldn’t be more excited about the news.