BBC Leaks New Info For Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode


BBC released an article early yesterday morning that gave some new details about the upcoming 50th Anniversary episode for Doctor Who. The new details confirm the television runtime will be 75 minutes, and the episode title will be The Day of the Doctor.

“You uncultured swine! This is obviously a V8 engine in my chest, not a V6!”

Mysteriously, the original BBC post that outlined the above information has now been taken down.

The highly-anticipated TV special will showcase the Daleks, Cybermen, and the Zygons as villains. Good thing we’ll have three Doctors in this episode to take them all on.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Zygons (shown right), they are a race of shapeshifters, who first made their appearance in the 1975 episode Terror of the Zygons. They have not featured in any episodes since, only been mentioned or shown in ‘flashback’ footage. Tenth Doctor actor David Tennant lists them among his favorite villains.

The special will feature Matt Smith, David Tennant, and John Hurt as the Doctor. Jenna-Louise Coleman will also be back as the companion, and Billie Piper will make an appearance, reprising her role as Rose Tyler. Again.

We’ve also seen the new promotional poster for the semicentennial episode hit the internet. Take a look at this wonderful piece of magnificence:


Pretty cool, right?

The episode is set for November 23rd, and while the official time hasn’t been released, it will air at the same time worldwide. This will be done in an attempt to avoid spoilers crossing the time zones. Thank you, BBC. Thank you.