Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, and Mass Effect movies are still in pre-production according to Avi Arad


In a recent interview with Kotaku, Avi Arad revealed that the Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid movies are still very much alive and currently in pre-production stages, while the Mass Effect film announced last year is still unfortunately around five or six years away.

Arad said in the interview that he believes that a great movie based on a video game requires a strong story, and for Arad, Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid fit the bill and both are prime candidates for film. He also hinted that some headway has been made with the script for Uncharted.

“I think Uncharted will be very successful, It’s a father and son game. There are things about it that are interesting. I think the world of antiquities theft, there are many countries in the world that realized they’re being robbed and they’re trying to recoup these important pieces. Now, the script has a lot of character [and] I think that has a shot at being the first one [to succeed].”

Arad added that he is meeting with Hideo Kojima (creator and writer for the Metal Gear series) soon, possibly on the topic of the films production.

Unfortunately the Mass Effect film, he said, would likely be the last of these three games to have its films released.

“It’s a big idea, that we, humans, are the least developed, the least trusted, it’s an interesting mirror image of our world, we are the aliens now, Love the project, it’s getting there, it’s been a lot of work; some movies take five, six years before they’re ready.”

According to Arad, the exceedingly lengthened production for these films, and the notable apprehension on video game-based films in general, is likely because studios are still anxious about taking on projects based on video games thanks to the low to mixed reviews of even the more popular films.

“Converting games to film hasn’t been done yet successfully, though Resident Evil did very well-it was actually a great series, I remember when [producer] Bernd Eichinger started it. I was working with him, I just couldn’t do that at Marvel but I had a good feeling about it, it’s a fantastic franchise.

“I think that film studios are bankers and filmmakers are risk takers and somewhere in between we meet on the battlefield,” he added. “And the moment one video game movie goes through the roof, it’s the same thing that I’ve been through with comic books.”

Maybe with all of this us fans may have some hope for a good film in our future, but then again, if they’re trying to turn Uncharted into a “Father-Son” film when Drake was notably an orphan in the games, we may be in for some interesting changes.