Nintendo reveals the 2DS; launching Oct. 12 for $130


Yes, this thing is real. Nintendo has revealed the newest hand-held to their long line of DS devices. The new Nintendo 2DS is aimed towards kids. While the 3DS was and still is their main focus, the new 2DS is just that, its all in 2DS. So NO 3D on this thing.

Obviously with the preface that the 3DS’s main feature, the 3D, isn’t suitable for children under 7 years old, and with that sort of warning parents may have been avoiding buying the device. Nintendo wants that to change.

The device itself still only sports one joystick, but the biggest difference (other than the no 3D) is the fact that its missing the hinge that the DS is known for, making this device more reminiscent of the Classic Gameboy than any current incarnation of the popular DS line.

At a discounted price of $130, it’s release date set at Oct 12th, and the claim that it will play all ( however its rumored to be only most) current DS and 3DS games, this hand-held could easily sweep the market this Holiday Season for parents looking for a durable gaming device for their kids.