Could Ben Affleck direct future Batman films? Is Detriot the new Gotham City?


With the announcement late night that actor Ben Affleck would be donning the cape and cowl and becoming the iconic Batman for the upcoming Batman/Superman film in July 2015 several potential details have now come to light.

The guys over at latino-review seem to now have shed some light on potential contract details that very well imply that Affleck is going to be helming the next Batman solo film after Batman/Superman, and with it WB is eying the Motor-City itself, Detroit, Michigan for the new filming double for Gotham City, which in the Nolan Trilogy Chicago was primarily its double.

It is also revealed in their post that WB is scouting Morocco for a filming location, which they go on to speculate that the upcoming Batman/Superman film may be using this location for the place where Lex Luthor discovers the lethal Kryptonite to later use against Superman himself.

Batman/Superman is currently Slated for a US release of July 2015.