New DC Animated Films; ASSAULT ON ARKHAM & SON OF BATMAN Also Coming In 2014


During the San Diego Comic Con over this past weekend, DC and Warner Bros went on to announce the 2014 lineup of animated films after an overwhelmingly positive response to the premiere screening of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

The first being Justice League: War based off the first story arc of Geoff Johns’ New 52 Justice League comic (check out the Making Of Featurette here), and now its officially revealed that the second and third films are called Batman: Assault On Arkham and Son Of Batman.

batman and son

While we don’t yet know (for sure) what stories these films are set to based on, users at Toonzone forums have stated that Assault On Arkham is based within Rocksteady’s video game franchise,  and Son Of Batman is based upon Grant Morrison’s introductory story for Damian Wayne entitled “Batman and Son.”