GameStop is now also Sold Out of PS4 Pre-Orders


Since E3, the PlayStation 4 seems to be a hot commodity. Within 72hours of it beginning its pre-orders sold out of their launch day stock, then had to revert to selling to the launch day bundles (which are also now sold out as well).

Several weeks ago it was revealed that big time game retailer, GameStop, had sold out of their Xbox One pre-order stock, but upon the reveal it was uncovered that each GameStop had a 12 unit cap for Xbox One’s but a 60 unit cap for the PS4.

Now thanks to Kotaku, we now know GameStop is also sold out of their PS4 Launch cap as well.

Now for those who don’t see the gravity of this, that means 2 mega sized gaming retailers (Amazon and Gamestop) are completely sold out of the PS4, with an estimate of the PS4 outselling the Xbox One at a close to 5 to 1 ratio.

While for many this doesnt come as a huge surprise, one thing is for sure, I am sure glad I pre-ordered my PS4 weeks ago.