Another Batman Easter egg from ‘Man of Steel’ revealed


In a recent reveal from Empire Magazine, Man Of Steel Director Zack Snyder revealed a Batman Easter Egg that he knows everyone missed:

When Zod’s tearing the building apart with his heat vision, there’s a Be Calm And Call Batman sign on the wall there, just really small. You might even have to stop the movie to see it but it’s definitely in there. That’s a Double Negative Productions [Easter Egg]. D Neg is the visual effects company here in London that worked on all the Dark Knight movies, and they definitely did that. And [when I saw it], I was like, “That’s awesome.”


I know I missed this, but given that the director himself said its more likely that I’ll only be able to find this during a paused play through when the movie is released for home viewing I don’t feel as bad. But one things for sure, I cant wait to find this one  myself and get a laugh out of it.