[Post From A Fellow Cultured Nerd] Protecting the Site’s Credibility with Chatwing Chat Software


With a lot of people chatting with each other today, security has become one of the primary concerns in group chatrooms. With people aiming to promote their products and whatnots by any means possible, these chatrooms are sure to expect a lot of spam from them along with the added fact of other offenders that tend to disrupt the conversations between chatters. And chatrooms integrated in sites are no exception, and that could prove disastrous since nobody is a fan of spam. That’s why site owners should choose chatting tools that can provide the means to protect and one reason why they should be using Chatwing.

Chatwing chat app is a tool that not only delivers great chatting capabilities, but is also very manageable. This is mainly because of the security features it has that the site owner can use with ease. He can prevent spammers and other offenders from using the chatroom with a simple mouse click. Though they can still see the conversations inside the chatroom, they can’t interact with them within the ban period.



The site owner can also delete their messages easily and setup word filters. This is to enforce the security inside the chatroom further. He can delete spam and other messages that be harmful to the site’s reputation and prevent profanity to be used. Lastly, he’ll be able to assign people that will support him in managing the site – the moderators.


These moderators are more like security officers, since they also have the right to ban people and delete messages. However, it is up to the site owner if he’s going to permit those controls to them. The moderators are a great help as they can assist him when he’s away.


Providing security to the chat app not only keeps up the site’s reputation, it also increases the credibility of the information shared within that chatroom. Both of these factors are important in gaining more web traffic, and through Chatwing chat software, these can be gained easily. Combined with its other features like customization, it is a chatting tool any site owner wouldn’t regret using. And it’s very affordable too – anyone can use the chat software for free.