Rift Goes Free-to-Play on June 12th!


Trion Worlds just announced on the Rift website that the game will be going to a free-to-play model on June 12th.  I know what you’re thinking, It’s just another game going the free to play route, but Rift has been one of the longer running games using the subscription model.  At a time where games have been launching F2P or switching over within months, Rift has managed to last over 2 years with a subscription, and have even recently released a successfully expansion, Storm Legion.

Rift has been transitioning though.  In January it implemented a free-to-play model up until level 20.  The game is very similar in controls and feel to World of Warcraft, but also has some nice changes, most notably the Rift system, which are random world events that spawn around the different game areas and allow players to work together to defeat them for experience and rare items.  It’s a well polished game as it has been maintaining a loyal player base for years now.  If you’re looking for a new game as a change of pace, give it a try, up to level 20 now, or max level within a month!

Source: Rift Blog