New ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer hits the web


Pacific Rim is one of those films I dreamed about seeing when I was younger. You have Giant Robots fist fighting Giant Monsters. HOW IS THIS NOT THE GREATEST THING EVER!?

When I saw the first trailer, my mind was blown, and I couldn’t wait to see the final film. Since then the film has had several press screenings and received rave reviews.

Today a new trailer hits the web, and it will blow your mind. Check it out below:

The director, Gulliemro Del Toro, had premiered this same trailer over the this past weekend at the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival, and with it said the following:

If I showed you all the money shots [in Pacific Rim], you’d have a 70 minute orgasm.

If you weren’t excited before, there is no question if you are now.

Pacific Rim hits US theaters on July 12th.