The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad get 90’s style introductions



We have come a long way since the 90’s. TV today is now closer to the quality of film than it has ever been. But lucky for us, in the age of the internet and the miracle of photoshop and film editing youtube user goestoeleven has created some of the greatest MOCK-TV 90’s style intros for The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad I have ever seen.

First off, lets check out the one of The Walking Dead:

Now lets take a look at the one that was made for Breaking Bad:

All I can say is wow, these videos just made my day. Clearly goestoeleven has nailed it. Both titles contain that perfect 90’s vibe, from a slight feeling of a 90’s sitcom all the way to the clear law and order impression I got, I was immediately hit with a huge amount of nostalgia. I cannot wait to see what this user comes up with next.