New Google Glass video gives us a first person perspective

glass_logoGoogle just released a new video on their website for Google Glass, their augmented reality headset.  For anyone who had any speculation of how it would work or look, you now have your answer.  In the video we see a first person perspective of what it would be like to wear the glasses, and how it integrates into our lives so seamlessly.

If you think about how much time everyone currently spends on their phones checking social media sites, sending messages, taking pictures, and surfing the web, then it’s not hard to believe that a transition to this new technology can actually be done pretty easily.  With the glasses, we can get instant messages in view immediately, take pictures, videos, and search the web with simple voice commands.

It’s more of a proof of concept video than anything, showing the possibilities that are available, and what Google is looking to do with the product.  We will learn more as time goes on and the product gets closer to a public release.

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