SyFy Considering bringing back ‘Waterworld’ with either Sequel Film or TV Series

If you were to journey back to 1995, you would witness plenty of milestones shaping the future of science, music, movies, and everyday living. The first cloned sheep, AOL, O.J.’s murder trials, Alanis Morssette, the list really goes on. One thing you wont find on the list, would be Waterworld.

As I watched this as a kid, I loved it, probably more than most 8 year olds should. The rest of the world however, did not share my feelings toward the film. Making $88 Million worldwide, It is considered a box office flop. 

Somehow, the SyFy channel does not see it this way. Apparently, when the film is aired on the SyFy channel, this rare gem of a flick has so many viewers that the company has decided to either make a sequel to the movie, or even a full on TV show. Because Universal and SyFy have teamed up to bring you such wonders with their super creative label known as ” SyFy Films”, the company already has rights to Waterworld and have all the more reason to play around with the plot while keeping the original story alive to please these aqua-loving fans. I’m mostly hoping more more of Hopper’s character (with someone equally awesome because of his passing).