Dexter Season 7 – Season Review


   The Dexter season 7 finale has finally arrived for our viewing fantasies of the life of Dexter Morgan(Michael C. Hall). With all the drama of Dexter’s past finally catching up to him in this season.


With memories visited throughout the season, old characters brought back to life for a short moment, this was by far the most dramatic seasons in Dexter history. Every episode more about the evolution of Dexter being human than acting human. Debra(Jennifer Carpenter), Dexter sister/boss, now playing a crucial part into Dexter’s “dark passenger”. Helping him see an actual “light” to what he does. While also trying to deal with knowing who her brother really is. This is probably the most I’ve actually seen a brother and sister relationship between the two characters. As much as I hate to say it (as it shot down my theory Dexter was going to kill his sister) I really freaking enjoyed everything about it! The things Debra goes through to try and understand Dexter is was very intense. While all the while she is trying to help Dexter stop killing urges.

Episode 705 Yet, Hannah(Yvonne Strahovski) Dexter’s new girlfriend, allows him to be himself by diving into these urges. With the Hannah and Deb each at a side of Dexter, he must choose who to trust. Love or Family.

While his personal life seems to be taking twists and turns, his work life starts to keep him on edge. Capt. Maria LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez) starts to expect Dexter is a killer. Mixed emotions came from her this season as she tries to prove her love of her life was not in fact the bay harbor butcher. Even going to the point of digging into Dexter past and allowing old characters to resurface.

If your a Dexter fan, and have followed the series than, you are in for a very dramatic treat. Unfortunately, the season was not very heavy on the action or police work, which is a good change up for the show for now. As this season ends, the story will fall into place for the 8th and final season of the series,Which is due out next fall. Keep your plastic wrap handy with your knives sharpen, the next and last season should be an exciting ride and,hopefully be an epic conclusion to an epic show.

I give the season 2 thumbs up for Dexter fans and 1 thumb up for new to Dexter people.

Great acting
Great story telling
Fun to revisit dexter past
Brother and sister was awesome to see

Story could move slow
If not a follower of dexter, you could get lost so bring a dexter buddy