Universal Confirm Plans For THE BOURNE LEGACY And TED Sequels

The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news, and confirmed yesterday by NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke, that the studio is now moving forward with their plans to build some new film franchises.

While this year in particular has also seen the releases of Battleship and Snow White and the Huntsman (which now is set to get a spin-off featuring Thor star Chris Hemsworth) Burke confirmed plans for sequels and follow-up for two of their other big 2012 films, The Bourne Legacy and Ted.

With the announcement came the comment about their plans to create “as many franchises as we can,” with “future Bourne films” and more animation, with one animated film every 18 months, rather than one every two years as we have currently been seeing. Franchises and animation seem to the the key to Universals planned future success.

He also commented “we’d like to see a Ted 2 as soon as we can.”

While this news is be pretty exciting for fans of these films, only time will tell what the future will hold for these new franchises