Is Netflix becoming the new hope for the best canceled shows?

Since the announcement that Netflix was helping Arrested Development come back into production, fans have taken to the possibility that this new development would be the first of many cancelled shows to begin production again. But which ones?

Initially reported that Netflix was looking into bringing back Terra Nova almost instantly after the news of its cancellation, it seems the cost was too high and rumors indicated that it was passed by Netflix as well. Although The River has now been officially canceled by ABC due to its low ratings, it seems that Netflix is in talks with ABC Studios about possibly continuing the series on through Netflix, and if they decide to proceed with the continuation, this move would continue to make money for the studio.

However, some of the most exciting rumors have been now coming through the woodwork. Rumors of Netflix considering bringing back Firefly and Jericho are now coming forth, and to some such rumors are a dream come true.

TvGuide first broke the news that Jericho could be returning. While they warned fans not to get excited too soon because its currently just in talks, they credited the shows popularity on Netflix to why its once again being considered to return. Personally I had never given Jericho a chance until it made its way to Netflix. I had heard about it for years from friends, I knew it was cancelled, and I saw many of my friends get really excited upon its return, but it wasn’t until I first got Netflix that I gave it a chance, but when I did, I couldn’t put it down. I watched the entire show in just a few short days, and I was hungry for more.

While the rumor about Netflix pursuing Firefly was purely speculation, it was even popular with the shows start Nathan Fillion who even commented on it on his own personal twitter account,  which may have added fuel to the fire, it also didnt help when the shows creator Joss Whedon (the now widely popular director of The Avengers) mentioned to fans what it would take for their return to the show, and not only expressing his interest in returning to the show but even provided fans a list of steps on how to make it happen.

While I would love it for Netflix to picked up and brought new life to any of these shows, and my continued subscription would be never be in question again, only time will tell if they listen to the fans and bring these shows back or not.