Sony Slips up and leaks the PSPgo

For several months now rumors have been flying about a new Playstation Portable hitting the market later this year and first being announced at E3 this upcoming week.

While rumors were flying about what it would look like, if it was still going to use the UMD disk system, or if it was going to be an all digital system that runs on downloadable games and an internal HDD, these questions created a heavy speculation at times which was easily started beginning to become somewhat irrational.

Several weeks ago a rumored production leak occurred pictures of the PSPgo packaging found its way on to the Internet along with a new PS3 Slim, and while many fans believed these pictures to be fakes others noticed the excessive amounts of detail in the photos and quickly started to accept the possibility that the things we were seeing were true.

All of these things were in heavy speculation until the end of last week a leak of Junes edition of the PlayStation Network’s monthly online magazine Qore on youtube.

The validity of this leak ended all speculation and allowed many the first look at Sony’s newest member of the PlayStation family. With the video fans also learned some very interesting facts about the new portable.

  • It is completely digital with a 16gig internal flash memory and includes an expansion slot for a Sony Memory Stick
  • 3.8 inch screen
  • It is 43% lighter than the current PSP 3000 model
  • It has Bluetooth support so it can be paired to headsets (possibly for Skype use or cellphones )
  • It has PS3 remote play options
  • It is currently slated for a Fall 2009 release

With the leak of this information came as a shock, so did the list of upcoming games which included the already revealed Littlebigplanet portible, Gran Turismo , Jak and Daxter, and a new Metal Gear Solid (which all will supposedly be announced at E3 this upcoming week).

While the information is currently limited, fans can expect the official announcement along with an official release date.