The Battle for Gotham City’s New Batman

Recently in the DC universe Bruce Wayne met his end in the eyes of his peers, and now Gotham City is without its greatest protector, Batman.

But his end didn’t mean his legacy would fall with him, over the course of his fight for Gotham City’s safety Batman inspired many to stand up and fight with him. Now it’s up to one of them to fill the role of Batman in Bruce Wayne’s absence.

But who is truly ready to take this role?

When Bruce Wayne first ventured out to fight crime, he did it with the hope that his actions would inspire good, and his legacy would live past him, that others would stand up and fight and Gotham would leave corruption and be safe. He did not however intend to find someone else to take this role when he would be gone, he didn’t expect to find side kicks, partners, or just simply other heroes fighting for the difference as he was. He did it to save the masses, never expecting that it would inspire a small few to follow in his footsteps.

This first came to him in the form of circus performer and child, Richard John Grayson. Orphaned by the Mob, he became a victim to fate and evil just as Bruce Wayne had. Upon witnessing the murder of Richard Grayson’s family, Bruce took it upon himself to take the young child in, hoping that he could guide the child in a way that he never had. But despite the intentions to live a life free of sadness and violence, Richard Greyson took upon himself the mantle of “Robin” (a nickname his mother had given him) and sought to fight the same fight, and for the same reasons, that Batman was.

As he grew up he and Bruce had there arguments, just as any father and son did, and eventually Dick Grayson would move away to the neighboring city Bludhaven and fight under the persona of Nightwing.

Two more Robins would follow Dick Grayson’s departure. Jason Todd, as a young street orphan who first encounters Batman while attempting to steal the tires of the Batmobile, and Timothy Drake, a young man who discovered the identities of Batman and Nightwing though his ability to deduce the facts due to his previous childhood idolization of the young circus performer Richard Grayson.

With three possible heirs to the mantle which would be the best choice for the role? However all of these three have issues that could prevent them from being an ideal Batman. Tim Drake may be the smartest and may be qualified as the better detective,but Richard “Dick” Grayson, despite the history of rebellion against Batman, is  the most loyal to him and his cause.

Rumors are spreading among comic book community about who will become the new Batman while the real Batman is lost in time. Some think it’ll be new blood, like WildCat, while others think it should be the prodigal son Jason Todd.

With DC comics announcing the end of the Nightwing line, saying that Dick Grayson will no longer carry that persona, and with the announcement of  a mainstream Red Robin, a persona both Dick Grayson and Jason Todd have carried, one is led to assume that one of them will carry the mantle of Batman.

But will it be Dick Grayson, the one always trained for the role? Or will Jason Todd take the role? and introduce a Batman that isn’t afraid to kill.