‘Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2′ in Production Soon


Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2 is in development and slotted for production soon! Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine, Tucker and Dale respectively, made the announcement last week at the Horrorhound Convention in Cincinnati, confirming the long-awaited sequel to a roomful of jubilant horror fans.

News of the sequel actually emerged as a result of Tudyk’s ignorance. While at SXSW, he told an inquisitive interviewer that as far as he knew a second movie was not in the works. When the producers caught sight of the article and Tudyk’s comment, they contacted the bewildered actor and set him straight. Tudyk received an email only a few days before the convention stating, “Guys, we need to talk…” Apparently, the producers have an outline for the script, are honing in on who they want to write it, and they really want to make another Tucker and Dale. Tudyk snorts that since the confirmation came from a “producer-y type guy,” and not a director, he felt pretty certain the sequel was a go.

Check out a clip of the announcement here:

[youtube id=”BakMuq5C99c” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil did not pull in huge numbers at the box office but since its release on home video outlets like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video it has developed quite a cult following. It is expected Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2 will produce a similar reception out of the gate, and hopefully sooner than later!

Let us know if you think the sequel is a good idea?