[EXCLUSIVE] Ben Affleck Signs on for HBO Max and More Films as Batman

Sources close to TCN have confirmed Ben Affleck has signed on for more films as Batman, as well as his own HBO Max series.

This news comes after an exclusive from Vanity Fair in August confirmed Affleck would return to the cowl for Andy Muschietti’s The Flash. Our sources have now confirmed Affleck intends to continue his role as the Dark Knight, as he has signed on to appear in an undisclosed amount of films featuring his version of Batman. It remains to be seen which films these are exactly.

We can also confirm part of this signing includes the proposed HBO Max project, which we had previously reported was being considered, if Ben would be okay with doing it. With Affleck now on board, the HBO series is working on plot details. We can report that a big focus being looked at for the series is a backstory for Robin, his death by the hands of the Joker (who’s own contract should be announced soon), and how losing the Boy Wonder made Batman into the jaded individual we see in Batman v. Superman.

You can listen to our EIC Taylor Murphy discuss the HBO project below on Lightcast’s podcast from last Friday.

Taylor also discussed the future of Joker and Robin on The Nickatina Show, which you can watch below.

Stay tuned to The Cultured Nerd for more details on Affleck’s return as they develop.


  1. Finally after so many years, the dreams is about to come true

    • It’s not official yet, so I’d *try* to temper the excitement a bit.

      Even if Ben is 100% on board, it’s still quite a complicated situation. After Ben pulled out of his Batman film, they started going in another direction; a total reboot.

      How many versions of Batman is Warner Bros. really going to allow to appear on the big screen? How will this affect DC’s “lighter” tone and course correction? How does this affect the Snyderverse/DCEU?

      Comic book fans will easily accept and understand the concept of having the multiple versions of Bats in theaters, but how will the casual audience handle it?

      Will they even appear in theaters, or will Affleck’s Batman stick to HBO Max, allowing Robert’s Pattman to dominate IMAX’s and the like? It could feasibly allow for a much darker Dark Knight on HBO Max without having to fight that R-rating that automatically eliminates a substantial portion of your audience/earnings

      • ok someone put Ryan to bed, he’s clearly tired haha

      • This would be on HBOMAX though, not the big screen. In regards of DC’s “lighter” tone, Joker says hi.

        The casual audience arent morons, they’ve grown past the “we can handle only one version of a character at a time” embargo that was basically nullified by stuff like Spiderverse and The Flashes in Crisis.

  2. Even though this is exciting news if true, I’m not ready to believe this till the Trades report it. Sorry.

  3. Yes! Thank you WB!! If all of this goes according to plan (Minimum to ZERØ studio/exec interference) than this will redeem your *phμqk ûp* by interfering with Snyder and his work.

  4. Oh God…
    I have a joy-tears in my eyes <3

  5. Ben, You Are The Batman! Others are good but you are The Best Batman ever Sir!

  6. I actually liked Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the grizzled battle weary Batman and am excited to see him portray him again. Theatrical release of Justice League didnt do any of the DCEU heroes justice at all.

  7. Hope this s true

  8. Good to hear this. However, confirmation of this from the trades is awaited.

  9. Yes! Thank the Nanny! Seriously though this is the best news for a life long Batman fan.

  10. Would be cool to see Batffleck do Dark Knight Returns. I know some of it was incorporated into Batman vs Superman, but he’s literally that iteration of Batman.

  11. Since Ben is in a much better and healthier place I would love to see how version of batman, from what everyone is saying it was going to be amazing so hopefully we can get 70-80% of his vision

  12. Good God why??? 😒🙄

  13. Hope he’s been on a treadmill!!!!

  14. Eagerly waiting for him to play Batman’s role again cause he is a Badass Batman though, the scene “do you bleed”, “men are brave” gives goosebumps and the one in which Batman grabs the goon in vertically to steal the kryptonite, fighting against lex’s men to save Martha, I really want to see him being kickass Batman ever

  15. Vai ver, por isso a volta do Coringa do Jared Leto. Será que é ele quem matará o Robin do #Batfleck ?
    Vamos lá, Ben Affleck, sua vez de brilhar e mostrar que SIM, vc é show com personagem de HQ ! 🥰

  16. Ben got the nod from the BRIGHT KNIGHT himself, the late Adam West which for me, a kid from the 70’s was all I needed to hear.
    He did not disappoint and I look forward to more BATMAN with Ben under the cape and cowl👍