[EXCLUSIVE] Henry Cavill Signs New Superman Film Deal

Sources close to both TCN and DCUNews have confirmed Henry Cavill has signed a new deal to reprise his role as Superman in future DC films.

Cavill’s future as the Man of Steel has been a source of contention for quite some time. Despite Cavill’s love and dedication for the role, his portrayal of the character has had its fair share of criticism, and after the lackluster performance of Justice League (2017), his future as the hero was bleak, as Warner Bros. seemingly lost interest in the character. However, after the Release the Snyder Cut movement gained traction, interest in Cavill’s depiction of the character has been rekindled, and a pitch made by Cavill himself has sealed the deal for his return to the red cape.

Sources close to TCN have confirmed, per the information provided by Josh at DCUNews, that Cavill did indeed recently help pitch a new Superman project. This information was recently discussed last week on Friday night Live Steam for LightCast Podcast:

The pitch was widely praised and has led to the official confirmation of his new contract for more appearances as Superman. Ours and DCUNews’ sources have stated that the contract includes 3 films for Cavill’s pitch and options for future cameos in other future DC films, for a total of 5-6 movies. As of now, we do not know which three films specifically this deal entails, but they can be anything from another solo outing, to a prominent role in a Black Adam and Shazam film.

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UPDATE 9/18/20: Artist Bosslogic posted the below art of Cavill’s Superman following this article’s publication. The post has since been reshared on Cavill’s agent Dany Garcia’s Instagram story.

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Hope never left @henrycavill #superman

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  1. Now that they have him signed, maybe they could surprise us all with a mod to the Shazam! ending.. you think?!?

  2. Glad he signed to do more of his take of the man if steel, would live to see him in Shazam and black Adam.

  3. Sorry guess i should proof read before sending.

  4. I hope so!!!


  6. I think Henry Cavil plays the role of Superman as it should be, he shows humility, kindness, strength and honor. He looks like the ideology of what we have come to expect from a hero, he deserves to continue in the role of SUPERMAN !

    • Exactly. And thank you. I agree. Cavill is right for the role. The ONLY Superman who could actually have promise to filling Reeves Man of Steel boots. Probably because he’s the only one SINCE Reeve who has proved to being a Superman in real life and well as on screen. It’s too bad some people can’t see what you and I do.

  7. In my opinion, Zack should go back to the beginning, reignite that passion for the characters and their origins/journeys that he gave us in Man of Steel. Ignore the “you’re just copying Marvel’s format” BS, stop trying to please everyone (from WB to comic fans to younger fans or those who are new to the characters and the universe because they’re not a fan of comics or reading) and build the DC universe like he began to in the first place. Flesh out characters and lore *before* the team ups and major deaths otherwise there’s no relationship to those versions of the characters to care about and get invested in as an audience. He knows and loves those characters and that world (worlds) and that was evident from the first 3/4 of MoS (and even the last 1/4 wasn’t bad, just maybe a tad overdone – not including Zod’s death scene, that was perfection on Henry Cavill’s part) – if he was to go back to that and give us the movies *he* wanted to give us, the DCEU could be exceptional.

    • Steps to making a good Superman film.
      1) rehire Cavill (check)
      2) erase events of MoS through Flashpoint (hopeful)
      3) let the entire Snyder-verse die off in Flashpoint (check)
      4) hire a writer / director with an optimistic viewpoint. One that actually understands DC in order to build a large scale universe full of history and lore.
      5) 100% less blue lensflare.

  8. I like him superman hes has face and body all together hes cute.

  9. As a fan of the DC universe and seeing Henry Cavill
    Grow into a the best superman of all time im ready for more of him as the Man of Steel…

  10. Joseph Barros Rodrigues

    Thank god, love him as Superman, love the man of steel suit and hanz zimmer theme. morons wanting the red trunks are just silly thats why you have superman 1-4 and the ever boring superman returns to go back to not to mentioned the date eilliams theme.

    • Only a moron would support a Superman suit that’s only been around since New52 and has already been made redundant.

      The classic look always returns regardless of the morons who think they know better.

  11. I want to see him with the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

  12. Very good news..That s the Man..The right CHOICE for the Look, And top classic Actor. Thanks guys

  13. Fantastic news! The world needs a movie with a positive hero. Henry Cavill is perfect for Superman. He’s got the look, the character and talent which enables him to tackle it in different ways, especially now when he’s matured. It will be really up to the director what kind of interpretation of the Superman character he wants to show. Cavill has it all.

  14. Well I’ve been a superman fan since 1977, watched the 1st superman movie over 340 times and have never gotten tired of seeing him holding Louis lane while catching a helicopter with his other hand , absolute class , Christopher reeves was the first one to make us believe man could fly , now Henry cavil has stepped into those red boots , he in my opinion is and always will be superman , he has the strong facial characteristics ,and undoubtedly the body for the part , to recast another actor would betray cavil , he was born to play kal-el , and as for the red underpants, NO WAY that would degrade an already awesome costume ,one of which I had custom made in America,but all in all this is great news for all man of steel fans , HENRY we all look forward to seeing you on that red Cape soon

  15. ok i got it. but gave him a decent suit i just hate this colour contrast of his suit.

  16. Yes!!! Finally Henry is back, Superman fits him extremely well. Its sad that BvS started even before MOS was truly developed. It was too rush, (for the sake to compete MCU?) Henry is best Superman yet next to Reeves. Truly love Clark Kent in Reeves, a bit humour would be great. Towards the end of MOS when Sup told Lois first kiss only goes downhill on human was good joke. Keep it up, Superman DNA is inside you Mr. Cavill.

  17. There is finally some good news from DC. I just hope they DON’T SCREW IT UP by making the next Superman movie as bad as the Justice League movie was.

  18. MOS2. He needs to fight Brainiac!!

  19. Ojalá zakarias snyder no se acerque al personaje!!. Al menos no al guión.

    Cavill que haga una Man of Steel 2 con buen guión y direccion. Que sea la peli definitiva que el personaje merece (sin luthor si): inspiradora y acorde al icónico personaje. No mas emosups ni darksups ni sadsups. Hasta una especie de precuela de batversussups puede hacerse.

    Shazam 2 (o en realidad una peli con el Capimarvel y Superman vs Black Adam).

    Añadan a Cavill en “aquel” final de Shazam 1. (Esos 2 segundos).

    Aparezca en flash y asi rebooten la JLA. Sin guión de Snyder.

  20. Timothy J Pennings

    it took me years to realize why I’ve never taken a shine to Cavil as Superman – the hair. Early on I missed the spit curl. But as he aged in the role, it appeared he has a receding hairline that makes him look older than he is. I think hair and makeup on the films are to blame because his hair look fuller in other roles and stills.

  21. Actually his portrayal has received very little criticism. The movies around him have had a bit of “professional” Critical criticism and a small yet very vocal minority on the internet. But for the most part, his performance has been one of the bright spots for many. The highlight for more some of those who don’t enjoy it. Even the critics that bash the movie, don’t bash him.

    Thing I’ve learned is, we as fans, know just as much if not more than many of these paid “Experts” about what makes a good movie. As long as it entertains, it’s done his job. Oh sure, people can have opinions on better ways to tell parts of the story. But that is their opinion as is their right to have it. I’ve noticed this about sports analysts as well. They are giving what is at best, an educated guess. Something most of us are capable of as well.

    That was a really long way to say I AM SO HAPPY CAVILL IS STILL CLARK!!!

  22. Really sad that people are shallow enough to judge Cavill’s Superman based on hair and the suit. Just wow…