[EXCLUSIVE] HBO Max Wants Affleck, Leto, and Manganiello for an Original Batman Project

Art by Datrinti

The Bat is not dead, don’t bury it.

Sources close to TCN have confirmed that HBO wants Ben Affleck, Jared Leto, and Joe Manganiello for an original Batman project. This follows reports last week that AT&T and WarnerMedia want Affleck to return as the Caped Crusader. Affleck is also in talks to return to the director’s chair and to adapt his original script, with Zack Snyder producing.

The return of Affleck’s Batman will either be a miniseries or a DC film on HBO Max, as Warner Bros. is committed to Matt Reeves The Batman trilogy in theaters. Affleck’s project will likely follow the intended storyline teased by the post-credit scene of Justice League or Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

From what we have heard in the past, Affleck’s original The Batman script featured Arkham Asylum, Joker, Deathstroke, and more of Batman’s rogue gallery. If Affleck is back in the cowl, then getting Leto and Manganiello to reprise their roles of Joker and Deathstroke respectively would be key.

The DC Extended Universe is branching out to multiple mediums, from feature films, television, miniseries, and animated series, to comics. We can, and we will, have more than one interpretation of Batman at the same time. It will work. The audience is smart enough to grasp the Multiverse, and we are ready for it.

With ZSJL coming out in 2021, news of Henry Cavill closing in on a new Superman contract, and talks of Ray Fisher getting a Cyborg HBO Max series, the return of “Batfleck” would be the next domino to fall for the return of the Snyderverse in the DC Extended Universe.


  1. Please, please let this happen. It’s what we all wanted since 2016.

    • I would definitely want to see this opposed to Matt Reeves Batman. Don’t have high hope for that.

      • Please let this happen

      • Have you seen any of Matt Reeves’ movies? He’s gonna knock the Batman out of the park. Snyder is literal garbage infront of Reeves.

      • Yes! “The Batman” doesn’t seem promising at all. Bad casting, poor behavior from Pattenson, and that Batmobile!!! Yikes

  2. Excited

  3. Matty Pacquiao

    How you like them apples

  4. Hector Callejas

    Retorno de Superman y Batman es lo mejor que puede pasar!!

    • This is my dream! Ben Affleck’s Batman is really underrated and deserves some sort of solo b movie/miniseries.

  5. Better start a petition to bring back Affleck.

  6. This is my dream! Ben Affleck’s Batman is really underrated and deserves some sort of solo movie/miniseries.

  7. This is fantastic news !

  8. Yeah right

  9. I like Affleck’s Batman a lot, which is why I don’t want this movie. Affleck has said time and time again that this role hurt him and caused his alcoholism to get worse so for his sake I hope this doesn’t happen.

    • The drama between him and the studio is what “hurt him” not the role itself. He’s dealing with completely different people now, so that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

  10. Lobsang Gyaltsen

    Please let it happen, I am huge Ben Affleck ‘s batman.

  11. Affleck is the perfect choice for Batman, hope this turns into a reality soon.

  12. Please we want this! #BringBackBatFleck!


  14. Batfleck yes! Letdown no. Please cast a different actors for Joker or change the character to be more….Joker, something Leto can do. Whatever that last thing was… I don’t even include That in the company of other Jokers.