Ben Affleck Possibly Returning as Batman for Future Zack Snyder Projects

It’s a great time to be a DC fan” has been a common thread we’ve seen on social media for the past month or so, and you couldn’t be more right. Ben Affleck could be back to team up with Zack Snyder for future projects as Batman.

Sources close to TCN have revealed that Ben Affleck is indeed returning and that he has already signed a new contract as the Bat of Gotham in a limited capacity.

La Hoguera de Gotham and Snydercut214 have also heard the same reports regarding Affleck’s contract. On the the LightCast podcast on June 26th, TCN EIC Taylor Murphy discussed the news after conversations with these two accounts.

At the 20:20 mark

With HBO Max, AT&T, and WarnerMedia backing Snyder’s vision, this deal would keep Affleck in the Snyderverse as the Caped Crusader after Zack Snyder’s Justice League. These projects can range from cameos, miniseries, and full-length feature films through HBO Max.

Word is that will most likely get the official announcement of his return as Batman at either Justice Con on July 25th-26th (If WB approves the announcement for a fan event) or the more likely event at a designated announcement at DC FanDome on August 22nd.

It’s a great time to be a DC fan.

What would you like to see from Batfleck in the Snyderverse? Drop your ideas in the comments below!


  1. I’d love to see Batfleck go head to head with Matt Damon as The Riddler.

    • I would love to see Ben Affleck as the much older Bruce Wayne passing the torch to young Terry McGinnis in a Batman beyond movie.

      • Michael Keaton is almost certainly gonna be Batman Beyond Bruce Wayne (if he says yes), but if not Affleck would be a great runner up.

  2. Comic book Craig

    I would love for them to go back to Zack’s 5 story arc & in the midst of that let Ben do his Solo Batman film with death stroke & then Bruce dies at the end of JL3 & his arc is done as it was initially intended (I think)

  3. I would watch Ben Affleck do anything as Batman – one idea though would be to give him his own Poison Ivy. Catwoman is pretty well trodden territory at this point, Ivy needs a reboot from Uma Thurman’s bad Mae West imitation.

  4. I feel like this is fake news but if its true I am super excited. Affleck is underrated as a batman. Hope its more than cameos. And please do not kill him off! Ive heard some multiverse theories and Batfleck would make the ultimate sacrifice

  5. Wow If Ben Affleck return as batman then.its great time.Batman v Superman Is Masterpiec movie Ben Affleck as batman Mind-blowing..I would love to watch. Nd cant wait

    • I hope this news is true. Because if it is, it would be so lovely to see him as the cape crusader #Batfleck

  6. Matthew Bachelor

    Ben is my favorite Batman. I would love to see him working with Nightwing. Also it could be really, really cool to see him in a movie about Jason Todd becoming Red Hood.

  7. Paul W Mullins

    I’m big on it and Snyder’s vision. I only wished one thing different (not going to happen though). Even though I like Jesse Eisenberg, he’s not Lex Luthor. Michael Rosenbaum either needs to step in with this Flashpoint movie, or WB need to try and pay some money for Vin Diesel! Vin is Lex!

  8. If true, I would like them to let Snyder bring to life his original plan except for having as many movies as possible, not only five!
    I never got the connection to Affleck’s Batman, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have if the movies kept going!
    Oh and something else. Whatever they do I hope they do it “right” this time, build a good storyline and possibly a multiverse exploration, which eventually could mean a future reboot!
    Anyway let’s cross our fingers first for the Snyder’s JLA and the rest will come

  9. Joseph Barros Rodrigues

    Cant wait, finally the dceu is rectified with the idiots at wb fired, the haters told to go do one by AT&T and the critics cant do a damn thing about it either.

  10. Oh this news is Fantastic… everyone needs to buckle up cause DC is about to blow everyone’s mind with what they have coming.

  11. You guys realize that saying “Our sources at TCN…” is you citing yourself as your own source and not “Here at TCN, our sources…” like I imagine you meant to say.

    Just saying, kind of detracts from the overall credibility of your article.

  12. This 2020 is really crazy! Its really DC rebirth! I’m keeping my fingers crossed even it’s a strong rumor.